No information that is required for you to become a member of PhD Collectibles, will not be shared with 3rd parties as long as there is juridical official request from governmental authorities.

Our company may share promotion codes, newsletter and new campaigns about upcoming products.  Our members can change this privacy setting whenever they like via account information.

All the information that has been conveyed can only be altered and reached by the information provider.  It is impossible for someone else to access your private information, as long as you keep your passwords safe. To serve, all membership transactions are performed under 128-bit SSL field. This system cannot be cracked or hacked and universally acclaimed.


For no reason, our website does not save your credit card information.

During online transactions, there are two things you need to check out. The first one is key or a lock in the bottom of your browser. This demonstrates that you are in safe website and all your information is under protection of encryption.  This information are only used regarding your instructions during the payment process.  All information regarding the credit card during purchase process are transferred to the respectable bank through 128-bit SSL protocol.  Transaction continues once the credit card is approved. As we do not save any information regarding your credit card, no third party individual can access your data.

Online payments are only eligible once after address/invoice/payment information is approved by our company. This is due to prevent Credit Card Fraud.  We are asking you to provide accurate information.



Please do not provide any credit card information or passwords. Third party companies handle e-Mail services as we do not have any power over other internet websites, we cannot guarantee your safety on e-mails you sent.


  • Via credit card,


You are eligible to get the most out of our payment plans or instant payment. If we are not able to fulfill your order due to stock issues or any other cancellation, the payment will be refunded in 3 working days.


  • Shipping


We are doing our best to ship your in-stock products in the following day that you ordered. For pre*orders arrival estimations are available in product description. If a problem occurs regarding an “in-stock” product, you will be notified about the delay.

Please provide your most accurate information regarding the prevention of delays after shipping is concluded.


For international orders specifications are detailed. Please mail us for further info. (phdcollectibles@gmail.com)


If you experience a damage to your comic due to shipping fault (3rd party fault) please open all your packages in front of the delivery company representative, provide official report, and do not accept the delivery.  Notify us immediately via e-mail.


Please note that all PhD Collectibles products (exclusives, signed, artprints and remarks) are sent in at least 9.2 condition. All other damages are occurred due to forces that are not under PhD Collectibles control, therefore it is highly important for you to prepare an official report.


We will be doing our best to minimize the negative experience you had as long as you follow the above instructions.


  • Order Tracking


Order Tracking lets you get the updated information about your order.