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Nirvana Nevermind 30th Anniversary Edition (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Tracklist: Nirvana - Nevermind 30th Anniversary Edition A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit A2 In Bloom A3 Come As You Are A4 Breed A5 Lithium A6 Polly B1 Territorial Pissings B2 Drain You B3 Lounge Act B4 Stay Away B5 On A Plain B6 Something In The Way C1 Endless, Nameless D1 Even In His Youth D2 Aneurysm ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Radiohead Kid A Mnesia Black Vinyl Edition (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Radiohead announces KID A Mnesia, a multiple format triple-album release marking the 21st anniversary of Kid A and Amnesiac, out November 5th via XL Recordings. KID A Mnesia collects Radiohead’s fourth and fifth albums alongside the debut of a newly compiled third disc titled Kid Amnesiae. Exclusive to this release, Kid Amnesiae is comprised of unearthed material culled from the Kid A / Amnesiac sessions. Along with alternate versions and elements of Kid A and Amnesiac album tracks and B-Sides, Kid Amnesiae features the never-before-heard "If You Say the Word” (available now as a digital single) and a previously unreleased studio recording of "Follow Me Around.” Tracklist: Radiohead - Kid A Mnesia Black Vinyl Edition A1 Everything In Its Right Place A2 Kid A A3 The National Anthem A4 How To Disappear Completely B1 Treefingers B2 Optimistic B3 In Limbo B4 Idioteque B5 Morning Bell C1 Motion Picture Soundtrack C2 Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box C3 Pyramid Song C4 Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors C5 You And Whose Army? D1 I Might Be Wrong D2 Knives Out D3 Morning Bell/Amnesiac D4 Dollars And Cents D5 Hunting Bears E1 Like Spinning Plates E2 Like Spinning Plates (‘why Us?’ Version) E3 Untitled V1 E4 Fog (Again Again Version) E5 If You Say The Word E6 Follow Me Around F1 Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version) F2 Untitled V2 F3 The Morning Bell (In The Dark Version) F4 Pyramid Strings F5 Alt. Fast Track F6 Untitled V3 F7 How To Disappear Into Strings ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Godspeed You Black Emperor – Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven! (Pre-Order)


Godspeed You Black Emperor – F-A-OO (Pre-Order)


Godspeed You Black Emperor Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! 7Inch (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : First album in 10 years! 180 gram LP in tipped-on gatefold jacket. Includes 7" vinyl + 12"X 48" pull-out poster! Tracklist: A1 Mladic A2 Their Helicopters Sing B1 We Drift Like Worried Fire B2 Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable C1 Track 5 (7inch) D1 Track 6 (7inch) ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Silversun Pickups : Better Nature (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Tracklist: A1 Cradle (Better Nature) A2 Connection A3 Pins & Needles A4 Friendly Fires B1 Nightlight B2 Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) B3 Tapedeck C1 Latchkey Kids C2 Ragamuffin C3 The Wild Kind ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Silversun Pickups 7′ Singles Collection Box-Set Vinyl (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Tracklist: A Kissing Families 4:50 B Lazy Eye 5:54 C Well Thought Out Twinkles 4:02 D Little Lover's So Polite 4:58 E Panic Switch 5:43 F Substitution 4:41 G The Royal We 4:47 H Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) 5:10 I The Pit 4:41 J Dots And Dashes (Enough Already) 5:08 K Cannibal 3:44 L Devil's Cup 3:02 ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Travis 12 Memories White Vinyl Edition

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : White Vinyl Edition of one of the greatest albums ever. From the british rock heavyweight Travis! Tracklist: A1 Quicksand A2 The Beautiful Occupation A3 Re-Offender A4 Peace The Fuck Out A5 How Many Hearts A6 Paperclips B1 Somewhere Else B2 Love Will Come Through B3 Mid-Life Krysis B4 Happy To Hang Around B5 Walking Down The Hill ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Travis Live at Glastonbury ’99 Limited Blue Indie Exclusive Edition (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Tracklist: A1 Blue Flashing Light A2 The Fear A3 Writing To Reach You A4 Good Feeling B1 U16 Girls B2 As You Are B3 Why Does It Always Rain On Me? B4 Coming Around C1 All I Want To Do Is Rock C2 Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah C3 Good Day To Die C4 More Than Us D1 Driftwood D2 Slide Show D3 Turn D4 Happy ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Black Angels: Directions To See A Ghost Colored Vinyl Edition (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : _'The Black Angels bring the aura of mid-1966 the drilling guitars of early Velvet Underground shows, the raga inflections of late-show Fillmore jams, the acid-prayer stomp of Austin avatars the 13th Floor Elevators everywhere they go, including the levitations on their second album, Directions to See a Ghost. Mid-Eighties echoes of Spacemen 3 and the Jesus and Mary Chain also roll through the scoured-guitar sustain and Alex Maas' rocker-monk incantations. But he knows what time it is. 'You say the Beatles stopped the war,' Maas sings in 'Never/Ever.' 'They might've helped to find a cure/But it's still not over.' Even so, this medicine works wonders.' - *David Fricke, Rolling Stone*_ Tracklist: A1 You On The Run A2 Doves A3 Science Killer B1 Mission District B2 18 Years C1 Deer-Ree-Shee C2 Never/Ever D1 Vikings D2 You In Color D3 The Return E1 Snake In The Grass F1 Track 12 F2 Track 13 ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Live In London ’19 Colored Vinyl Edition (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : •180 gram vinyl •Gatefold jacket •Reddish silver and milky oxblood galaxy vinyl! Live in London recorded in 2019 Tracklist: A1 Evil Star A2 Self-Immolate A3 Mars For The Rich A4 I'm In Your Mind B1 I'm Not In Your Mind B2 Cellophane B3 The Great Chain Of Being B4 Plastic Boogie B5 Crumbling Castle C1 This Thing C2 Boogieman Sam C3 Mr Beat C4 Evil Death Roll D1 Venusian 2 D2 Planet B D3 Rattlesnake D4 Float Along Fill Your Lungs ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!

Alabama Shakes : Sound & Color Special Limited Edition Vinyly (Pre-Order)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Limited edition of colored copies of Blues rock band Alabama Shakes! Tracklist: Bonustracks.1. Sound & Color 2. Don't Wanna Fight 3. Dunes 4. Future People 5. Gimme All Your Love 6. This Feeling 7. Guess Who 8. The Greatest 9. Shoegaze 10. Miss You 11. Gemini 12. Over My Head 13. Drive By Baby 14. Joe 15. Someday 16. Don't Wanna Fight (Live from Capitol Studio A) 17. Future People (Live from Capitol Studio A)18. Dunes (Live from Capitol Studio A)19. Over My Head (Live from Capitol Studio A) ARALIK AYINDA STOKLARIMIZA GİRECEKTİR!