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Howlin Wolf – Howlin Wolf (Ronkin’ Chair)

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Howlin' Wolf, Chicago blues şarkıcısı/gitarist/harmonikçi Howlin' Wolf'un ikinci stüdyo albümü. 1960'dan 1962'ye kadar Chess etiketiyle daha önce yayınlanmış on iki single'dan oluşan bir koleksiyon. Aslen Howlin Wolf adını taşıyan bu albüm Ronkin' Chair olarak da bilinir! Tracklist A1 Shake For Me Written-By – Dixon* 2:14 A2 The Red Rooster Written-By – Dixon* 2:23 A3 You'll Be Mine Written-By – Dixon* 2:26 A4 Who's Been Talkin' Written-By – Burnett* 2:20 A5 Wang-Dang Doodle Written-By – Dixon* 2:22 A6 Little Baby Written-By – Dixon* 2:43 B1 Spoonful Written-By – Dixon* 2:43 B2 Going Down Slow Written-By – Oden* 3:21 B3 Down In The Bottom Written-By – Dixon* 2:08 B4 Back Door Man Written-By – Dixon* 2:48 B5 Howlin' For My Baby Written-By – Dixon* 2:32 B6 Tell Me Written-By – Burnett*, Dixon* 2:53 PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!

Oasis – Be Here Now Silver Vinyl Edition

A1D'you Know What I Mean?
A2My Big Mouth
A3Magic Pie
B1Stand By Me
B2I Hope, I Think, I Know
B3The Girl In The Dirty Shirt
C1Fade In Out
C2Don't Go Away
C3Be Here Now
D1All Around The World
D2It's Gettin Better (Man!!)
D3All Around The World (Reprise)

Vinnie Paz of the Jedi Mind Tricks – Burn Everything That Bears Your Name

1 Socrates Drinking the Hemlock 2 Machine Gun Etiquette 3 Body Bag Philosopher 4 Papi Wardrobe 5 Witches Teeth 6 Latka Gravas 7 Danger Is My Business 8 I'm Thinking of Ending Things 9 Guilty Remnant Cigarettes 10 Don Eladio 11 Warhead 12 Excuse All the Blood 13 White on White Crime 14 Battle of the Camel 15 Torchbearer 16 Affairs in Order 17 Tell Gold To Hold The Boneyard 18 Duppy Or Gunman 19 Angels With Dirty Faces 20 Murder Takes Time 21 Lloyd's Of London 22 Digital Veil

Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism

A1 The New Year 4:06 A2 Lightness 3:30 A3 Title And Registration 3:39 B1 Expo '86 4:11 B2 The Sound Of Settling 2:12 B3 Tiny Vessels 4:21 C1 Transatlanticism 7:55 C2 Passenger Seat 3:41 D1 Death Of An Interior Decorator 2:56 D2 We Looked Like Giants 5:32 D3 A Lack Of Color

Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine – A Beginner’s Mind Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Limited edition pressed on 'Emerald City Green' issued with printed inner sleeve and download code card. TRAKCLIST: A1 Reach Out 3:43 A2 Lady Macbeth In Chains 3:42 A3 Back To Oz 4:12 A4 The Pillar Of Souls 3:10 A5 You Give Death A Bad Name 4:07 A6 Beginner's Mind 2:15 A7 Olympus 3:07 B8 Murder And Crime 3:30 B9 (This Is) The Thing 2:48 B10 It's Your Own Body And Mind 2:27 B11 Lost In The World 3:10 B12 Fictional California 2:50 B13 Cimmerian Shade4:19 B14 Lacrimae 2:07 PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!

Cat Power – Covers Gold Vinyl Edition

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : TRACKLIST: A1 Bad Religion A2 Unhate A3 Papa Power A4 White Mustang A5 A Pair Of Brown Eyes A6 Against The Wind B1 Endless Sea B2 These Days B3 It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels B4 I Had A Dream Joe B5 Here Comes A Regular B6 I’ll Be Seeing You PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Limited Ed.

A1Dark Fantasy
A2Gorgeous feat Kid Cudi & Raekwon
B2All Of The Lights
C1All Of The Lights
C2Monster feat Jay
D1So Appalled feat Jay
D2Devil In A New Dress feat Rick Ross
E1Runaway feat Pusha T
E2Hell Of A Life
F1Blamegame feat John Legend
F2Lost In The World feat Bon Iver
F3Who Will Survive In America

Gorillaz Song Machine Season One – Deluxe Limited Collector’s Edition

A1 Strange Timez A2 The Valley Of The Pagans A3 The Lost Chord A4 Pac-Man A5 Chalk Tablet Towers A6 The Pink Phantom B7 Aries B8 Friday 13th B9 Dead Butterflies B10 Désolé (Extended Version) B11 Momentary Bliss C12 Opium C13 Simplicity C14 Severed Head D15 With Love To An Ex D16 MLS D17 How Far? CD-1 Strange Timez3:48 CD-2 The Valley Of The Pagans 3:01 CD-3 The Lost Chord 4:04 CD-4 Pac-Man 3:13 CD-5 Chalk Tablet Towers 3:03 CD-6 The Pink Phantom 4:13 CD-7 Aries 4:15 CD-8 Friday 13th 3:37 CD-9 Dead Butterflies 4:34 CD-10 Désolé (Extended Version) 5:33 CD-11 Momentary Bliss 3:44 CD-12 Opium 6:52 CD-13 Simplicity 2:44 CD-14 Severed Head 3:34 CD-15 With Love To An Ex 3:01 CD-16 MLS 3:13 CD-17 How Far?

Quakers – II – Next Wave

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Portishead'in içinden çıkan 90'lar hip hop soundını özleyenler için mükemmel ve zor bulunan bir albüm. Quakers yepyeni bir dalganın adı olabilir PhD şimdiden öneriyor! Tracklist A1 Electrify A2 Start It Like This (feat. Phat Kat) A3 One Of A Kind (feat. Guilty Simpson) A4 Sell your soul A5 Bare Essentials (feat. The Niyat) A6 A Myth (feat. Sageinfinite) A7 This Station A8 Alive A9 Heat On It (feat. Grandmilly) B1 Double Jointed (feat. The Koreatown Oddity) B2 Who Dat (feat. Chester Watson) B3 Radiola (feat. Radioactivists) B4 Gun Control (feat. The Black Opera) B5 We Tried B6 Duck & Cover (feat. Guilty Simpson, Cysion) B7 Morphine (feat. Bob Banner) C1 Approach With Caution feat. Sampa The Great C2 The Streets C3 Looking For Love (feat. Denmark Vessey) C4 Fa Real (feat. Jeru The Damaja) C5 A Quick Fix (feat. YC, Super Vic) C6 Test My Patience (feat. Jonwayne) C7 Too Many To Count C8 Greatness (feat. Nolan The Ninja) D1 Hit List (feat. Cazeaux O.L.S.O) D2 Another Kind Of War (feat. Jeremiah Jae) D3 Leaflet Drops D4 One O’Clock D5 All Of It (feat. Boog Brown) D6 Machine Room (feat. Fat Ray) D7 Pain (feat. Sav Killz) D8 The Line (feat. Cavalier) D9 Blocks (feat. Dionté Boom) PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!

My Morning Jacket – My Morning Jacket Ultra Clear Edition

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Tracklist A1 Regularly Scheduled Programming A2 Love Love Love A3 In Color A4 Least Expected A5 Never In The Real World A6 The Devil’s In The Details B1 Lucky To Be Alive B2 Complex B3 Out Of Range, Pt. 2 B4 Penny For Your Thoughts B5 I Never Could Get Enough PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!

Offspring – Conspiracy of One

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Conspiracy of One, The Offspring adlı müzik grubunun 14 Kasım 2000 tarihinde yayınlanan altıncı stüdyo albümüdür. Tracklist A1 Intro A2 Come Out Swinging A3 Original Prankster A4 Want You Bad A5 Million Miles Away A6 Dammit, I Changed Again A7 Living In Chaos B1 Special Delivery B2 One Fine Day B3 All Along B4 Denial, Revisited B5 Vultures B6 Conspiracy Of One B7 Huck It PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!