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My Morning Jacket – My Morning Jacket Ultra Clear Edition

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Tracklist A1 Regularly Scheduled Programming A2 Love Love Love A3 In Color A4 Least Expected A5 Never In The Real World A6 The Devil’s In The Details B1 Lucky To Be Alive B2 Complex B3 Out Of Range, Pt. 2 B4 Penny For Your Thoughts B5 I Never Could Get Enough PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!

My Morning Jacket – Z Limited Edition Purple Vinyl

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : “One of the 500 greatest albums of all time” – Rolling Stone ‘A truly momentous work” – MOJO Tracklist A1 Wordless Chorus A2 It Beats 4 U A3 Gideon B1 What A Wonderful Man B2 Off The Record B3 Into The Woods C1 Anytime C2 Lay Low C3 Knot Comes Loose D1 Dondante D2 Chills B6 –Kevin Shields Are You Awake? B7 –The Jesus & Mary Chain* Just Like Honey PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!