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Gorillaz – Demon Days

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Debut studio album by American rock band the Strokes. The album was released during the Summer of 2001 on different dates in different territories to coincide with or capitalise on live performances: Australia (July 30, 2001), Japan (August 22), UK (August 27). The September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City postponed the group's CMJ Music Marathon performance, and the album release was rescheduled for October 9. The US CD version of the album replaced "New York City Cops" with a newly recorded song, "When It Started", while the vinyl edition retained the original track list. Tracklist A1 Intro A2 Last Living Souls A3 Kids With Guns A4 O Green World B1 Dirty Harry B2 Feel Good Inc. B3 El Mañana C1 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead C2 November Has Come C3 All Alone C4 White Light D1 Dare D3 Don't Get Lost In Heaven D4 Demon Days PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOYA VERİLİR!