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Star Wars #8 ESB Variant

Written by Greg Pak. Art by Raffaele Ienco. Cover by Chris Sprouse. INTO THE FIRE! Hungry for vengeance after his brutal punishment at the hands of THE EMPEROR, can DARTH VADER uncover his master's secrets in the depths of MUSTAFAR? Stripped of his greatest weapons, can the dark lord survive the fire and the EYE? Or will he be overcome as the EYE turns Vader's every question back to his own terrible secrets?

Star Wars #9 ESB Cloud City Variant

Written by Charles Soule. Art by Jan Bazaldua. Cover by Chris Sprouse. UNDERTAKE A DESPERATE MISSION TO THE IMPERIAL CORE. In the Imperial Museum on CORUSCANT, an ancient droid holds the key to salvation of the REBEL ALLIANCE. The Rebels' elite operations team, the PATHFINDERS, must pull off a daring heist right under the nose of the EMPEROR himself, with LANDO and LOBOT along for the ride! 28 full pages