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Woodkid – Golden Age

A1 The Golden Age 3:47 A2 Run Boy Run 3:35 A3 The Great Escape 3:17 B1 Boat Song 4:32 B2 I Love You 3:52 B3 The Shore 4:16 C1 Ghost Lights 3:42 C2 Shadows 2:07 C3 Stabat Mater 2:51 C4 Conquest Of Spaces 4:32 D1 Falling 0:45 D2 Where I Live 4:27 D3 Iron 3:24 D4 The Other Side

Florence and The Machine – Lungs

A1 Dog Days Are Over 4:13 A2 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) 3:52 A3 I'm Not Calling You A Liar 3:05 A4 Howl 3:34 A5 Kiss With A Fist 2:04 A6 Girl With One Eye 3:39 B1 Drumming Song 3:44 B2 Between Two Lungs 4:09 B3 Cosmic Love 4:16 B4 My Boy Builds Coffins 2:57 B5 Hurricane Drunk 3:13 B6 Blinding 4:40 B7 You've Got The Love

Radiohead – KID A MNESIA Red Vinyl Limited Exclusive Ed.

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Indie record store exclusive pressed on red vinyl. "BAZZA ALCHEMY" denotes lacquer cut by Bazza (2) at Alchemy Mastering. Barcodes are on both sides of the album stickered outside the shrinkwrap. Catalog number "XL1166LPE" is found on both barcode stickers Kid A A1 Everything In Its Right Place A2 Kid A A3 The National Anthem A4 How To Disappear Completely A5 Treefingers B1 Optimistic B2 In Limbo B3 Idioteque B4 Morning Bell B5 Motion Picture Soundtrack B6 Untitled Amnesiac C1 Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box C2 Pyramid Song C3 Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors C4 You And Whose Army? C5 I Might Be Wrong D1 Knives Out D2 Morning Bell/Amnesiac D3 Dollars And Cents D4 Hunting Bears D5 Like Spinning Plates D6 Life In A Glasshouse Kid Amnesiae E1 Like Spinning Plates ('Why Us?' Version) E2 Untitled V1 E3 Fog (Again Again Version) E4 If You Say The Word E5 Follow Me Around F1 Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version) F2 Untitled V2 F3 The Morning Bell (In The Dark Version) F4 Pyramid Strings F5 Alt. Fast Track F6 Untitled V3 F7 How To Disappear Into Strings PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOLANIR!

The Heavy – The Glorious Dead

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : Limited Edition. A1 Can't Play Dead 4:20 A2 Curse Me Good 4:56 A3 What Makes A Good Man? 3:46 A4 The Big Bad Wolf 3:21 A5 Be Mine 4:13 B1 Same Ol' 3:59 B2 Just My Luck 3:00 B3 The Lonesome Road 3:56 B4 Don't Say Nothing 3:36 B5 Blood Dirt Love Stop 3:56 C1 Can't Play Dead (Inst) C2 Curse Me Good (Inst) C3 What Makes A Good Man? (Inst) C4 The Big Bad Wolf (Inst) C5 Be Mine (Inst) D1 Same Ol' (Inst) D2 Just My Luck (Inst) D3 The Lonesome Road (Inst) D4 Don't Say Nothing (Inst) D5 Blood Dirt Love Stop (Inst) D6 Untitled PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOLANIR!

Thom Yorke – Eraser

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : A1 The Eraser A2 Analyse A3 The Clock A4 Black Swan A5 Skip Divided B1 Atoms For Peace B2 And It Rained All Night B3 Harrowdown Hill B4 Cymbal Rush PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOLANIR!

30 Seconds to Mars – America White Vinyl

ALBÜM BİLGİLERİ : First pressing, on white vinyl. External sleeve is pink and yellow, Internal sleeve is green and blue. The insert is also pink and yellow. Made in the EU. A1 Walk On Water A2 Dangerous Night A3 Rescue Me A4 One Track Mind A5 Monolith A6 Love Is Madness B1 Great Wide Open B2 Hail To The Victor B3 Dawn Will Rise B4 Remedy B5 Live Like A Dream B6 Rider PLAKLAR 3 İŞ GÜNÜ İÇİNDE KARGOLANIR!