Most of the comics listed under PhD brand are hard to find, limited or signed issues. Therefore, the price gap is different compared to regular pre-subscribed comics.  Different than PhD Regulars, Collectibles comics are all collectors’ materials.

Big comic book companies supply blank covers for their titles time to time. This is for collectors who are looking to get their art signed or sketched by their favorite artists.  Of course blank covers are not only for seasoned artists, but you can also use them to find your inner artist! We also support artists either they are professional or amateur, to give them a platform to sell their art.

This is one of the issues we don’t have an exact answer. Due to international trade restrictions and regulations as well as bureaucracy, some shipments take time. Generall a cover your ordered from PhD will arrive within 3 months following its release date. All comics are shipped within a week after they arrive to PhD depot. Please note that CGC/CBCS orders can take up to a year to fulfill.

Please buy according to your budget and buy stuff from artists or titles that you like! This way both parties will be happier!

You can click to, Order Tracking at the top of the website to track your order once its shipped.

CGC and CBCS are two independent grading company established to determine the condition of the product. Slabbed comics are only be cracked, they can’t be read.  PhD Collectibles is the only facilitator of slabbed comics in Turkey.

These are signs that show the condition of the comics.

Sometimes you are looking for a comic that you read 10 years ago, or maybe you want to buy your favorite characters first app that was issued in 60’s. PhD delivers back issue service from time to time. You can ask for specific comics for us to seek and buy for you. On the other hand, PhD Back Issue segment is always updated and has lots of rare stuff in there!

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